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Books to Grow You.


Learn practical steps to grow your Christian walk shared by Hosea in his highly readable and practical style. These books share from Hosea's personal experiences and have inspired and engaged fellow believers for years. Download to your Kindle or order your physical copy - available in both formats for the first time in 2020!

HB_Biblical Preachers Workshop Cover
Biblical Preacher's Workshop

ISBN-978-1-7356388-2-9 - ebook - COMING SOON!

ISBN-978-1-7356388-3-6 - trade paperback - COMING SOON!

THE BIBLICAL PREACHER'S WORKSHOP is a passion that God has laid on Hosea's heart that is yielding tremendous fruit for the Kingdom!

The Workshop, and the curriculum that is available for the first time in this publication, is a time-tested approach to sermon development - utilized by Hosea Bilyeu over his 35+ year ministry that saw God's good hand throughout - including over 30 years of uninterrupted growth from a mission of 25 to over 2000 attendees in the local church.

This book takes you into Hosea's process of Biblical study, practical application, and includes sermon notes and outlines. More importantly, it teaches the reader HOW to develop a consistently FRESH appetite for inspiration in the Word.

The 7/24 Challenge

ISBN-978-1-7356388-0-5 - ebook - NEW!

ISBN-978-1-7356388-1-2 - trade paperback - NEW!

The 7/24 Challenge is a proven method that overcomes one of the most daunting challenges that every believer faces. Learn from a Pastor who, even as an avid reader, had to learn how to approach Scripture with an open mind and an open heart. Daily Bible study is not intended to be a burden, but to provide a clear time for God to equip us for life. Take the 7/24 Challenge for yourself.

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