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Hosea Bilyeu Family 20th Anniversary Concert CD

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The 20th Annual Hosea Bilyeu Family Concert - Until this recording, the family concert was always recorded live. This album began the tradition of recording the concert songs in the studio in advance. This project features songs that remain among the most requested in the Bilyeu Family catalog!

Released in 2004.

Songs Included:
1. Jesus is Alive and Well
2. When Jesus Passes By
3. Sweet Rock of Ages
4. Safe Thus Far
5. Antioch Church House Choir
6. Honestly
7. Groundbreakin' Medley
8. He's in the Midst
9. I Can Smile
10. Thinkin' About Home
11. Ain't No Grave
12. You Can't Ask Too Much of My God
13. Midnight Cry
14. Let's Have a Revival

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