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Good News Bilyeu's

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The Good News Bilyeu's

This rare recording of the family is their first studio endeavor. Recorded in 1983, the family was young; eldest daughter Joy was 12, Robin was nine and Will was just six years old. The project features Peggy Hicks on the piano. When the recording resurfaced, it was digitally mastered and brought to CD for a special release - this is the Good News Bilyeu's!

Recorded in 1983. Digitally remixed and remastered in 2009.
Songs Included:

1. Omnipotent Friend
2. It'll Be All Right With Me
3. The Sun's Coming Up
4. It Is Sweet to Look Beyond
5. Yours to Command
6. We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown
7. Remember Me
8. John the Revelator
9. Mary's Song
10. Won't It Be Worth It My Child

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