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The Bible In Ten Words


The desire of my heart is for every man, woman and child to come to a full relationship with Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord.

God has been good to my family, blessings of music and laughter abound when we are gathered together. It is a sweet time, every time.

It is the same in God's family. There is a sweetness when the body of Christ is together. There is a lifting of burdens and a place to share the grief and hardship that comes with life on earth.

It is my desire to provide resources to grow followers of Jesus. Perhaps you have walked with Jesus for years or maybe you have just come to that point of accepting Jesus into your heart; regardless of where you are, may the resources you find here bring you closer to Him. 

There are a number of resources here for you; books, podcasts, sermon archives and music. My prayer is you will grow your faith as you explore the site.

May God bless you!


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